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LIFE Pomorie at the International Congress of Odonatology
This congress was held from 25 to 30 June 2023 at Paphos, Cyprus. There, 85 dragonfly enthusiasts had the opportunity to discover the LIFE+ program for Pomorie lagoon through a poster presenting the conservation status of the Dark Spreadwing Lestes macrostigma in Bulgaria. 
Avocets are nesting on the new wooden platform
We were more than happy to share the great news that twelve pairs of Avocet are currently nesting on the new wooden platform created during the last conservation camp in September 2022. In the last few days, several Common terns accompany them. On the other older platforms 19 more Avocet pairs made their nests totalling number to 31 pairs in that part of the lagoon. 
The salt lakes and saltpans of Portugal
Climate changes are becoming an increasingly important and noticeable part of our lives, and if here in Bulgaria we still do not feel the new challenges with such force and only suffer because there is not enough snow or precipitation, then in the southern and mediterranean countries people more and more "feel the heat" in their lives. Already at the end of April, it is 26 degrees, and the days with a temperature above 40 degrees are constantly increasing, there is a lack of fresh water, in the summer months the rivers almost disappear.
fire around the lake
Fire in Pomorie Lagoon!
Less than a week after the second Consultative Council for Pomorie Lake was held where we discussed the problems faced by the lagoon, we encountered other violation. Yesterday we conducted our regular bird monitoring and witnessed burnt reed beds in the “Malak geren” area in the western part of the lagoon.
The third year without salt extraction in Lake Pomorie is on the horizon
All stakeholders who took part in the second meeting of the Consultative Council for Pomorie Lake agreed that it is important to restore salt extraction in the lake because not only the present but also the future of Pomorie is linked to it. This important livelihood for the people of Pomorie must be protected and urgent measures to restore the lagoon must be taken.
How are managed the Salinas in France?
Green Balkans Association took part in an international seminar organized within the LIFE Sallina project, with over 150 participants. The meeting took place in the French town of La Baule, adjacent to the famous saltworks of Guérande, on the French Atlantic coast. The salt pans of Gerand are known for their thousand-year history, dating back to the Iron Age. The method of extracting and collecting the salt has not changed over time, similar to the salt pans in Pomorie Lake in Bulgaria.
We are pleased to invite you to the second meeting of the Pomorie Lake Advisory Council, which we established at the end of 2021 in Pomorie. Thanks to the assistance of the Municipality of Pomorie, the meeting will be held in the most appropriate place in the town - the Salt Museum. We look forward to seeing you on 15 March (Wednesday) at 10.00. The theme of the meeting is "Challenges facing Pomorie Lake and stakeholder involvement".
Pomorie Lagoon’s winter tale
Winter is already gaining strength, and Lake Pomorie shelters an increasing number of wintering species. During the last monitoring conducted by our experts, an active migration from the north was registered, despite the relatively mild weather in recent days.
International Life Platform Meeting for innovative approaches to coastal wetlands conservation
On October 12 and 13, 2022, an International LIFE Platform Meeting for innovative approaches to coastal wetlands conservation was held in Burgas. The event was performed in a hybrid format and brought together experts from all over Europe. The meeting was hosted by the Lagoon of LIFE LIFE17 NAT/BG/000558 project, which is focused on maintaining the human-lake symbiosis in Atanasovsko Lake for the benefit of species and habitats of European importance.
Conservation camp "Pomorie Lake‘ 2022" has just been completed
This year again, more than 20 volunteers came to the lakeshore to help for the conservation and restoration of it. The work is not easy, it is often associated with heavy physical labor, heat and sometimes wind and rain. But for lovers of the beautiful Bulgarian nature, this is never an obstacle.
Autumn migration on Pomorie Lake
At the start of this year's Pomorie Lake Conservation Camp, the autumn migration of birds is in full swing. The waters of the lagoon are full of birds weary from the long flight, which find food and shelter within the confines of the beautiful lagoon. 
Improving the nesting conditions of waterfowl in the Pomorie Lagoon
During the conservation brigade conducted late last summer volunteers and employees of the Green Balkans NGO worked on the restoration of islets and platforms, which are the main nesting habitats of birds in the lake. Thanks to these efforts, this year we have significantly improved the conditions in the protected area. 
Натура ден
Sunny weather and many birds for Natura 2000 Day in Pomorie
The good weather and the opportunity for close meetings with the birds of Pomorie Lake gathered in front of the Visitor Center more than 60 people - adults, families with children, and tourists. Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and Green Balkans with the assistance of the Municipality of Pomorie organized a special celebration.
Swans with their babies
The breeding season in the Pomorie Lagoon is in full swing
During the regular monitoring of birds at Pomorie Lake, our team reported that the breeding season 2022 is in full swing! Characteristic and emblematic for the lagoon species - Avocets, Black-winged stilts, Sandwich terns, Mute swans and others - are already here and have occupied their colonies and nests, some of them are incubating eggs, and for others the first chicks have already hatched. The two pairs of Mute swans, for example, were spotted with eight and five chicks, respectively, which is more successful than last year, when most of their eggs were eaten by predators.
We can note as a success the nesting of Avocets on the island repaired during the volunteer conservation camp, organized within the project "Life for the Pomorie Lagoon". The rise in the water level in the lake, which is due to the disturbed hydrological regime, had led to a shrinking area of ​​the island and flooding it with water. This, combined with climatic factors, has led to a deterioration in its condition and a reduction in the number of nesting pairs of Avocets. We are pleased to note that thanks to the efforts of Green Balkans volunteers and the project team, more breeding pairs of this species have been observed this year - 93 pairs have been registered so far and better part of these are on the renovated island.

The island is also important for another emblematic species of the lake - the Sandwich tern. The noisy colony of this beautiful species is already on the island, increasing with each passing day. The birds are taking their places in the colony, courting, and some of them are already laying their eggs. The first Common terns are also arriving, and take their places in the colony, which will complement the noisy company of the Pomorie Lagoon.

The already finished nests of Black-winged stilts on the shores of the lake can also be seen. These long-legged birds and their "craters" of mud and algae are some of the most vulnerable birds from attacks by stray dogs, cats, jackals and other predators. Unscrupulous visitors are also a danger to them, as walking along the shore can endanger their nests or chicks.