Swans with their babies
May 10, 2022
The breeding season in the Pomorie Lagoon is in full swing
During the regular monitoring of birds at Pomorie Lake, our team reported that the breeding season 2022 is in full swing! Characteristic and emblematic for the lagoon species - Avocets, Black-winged stilts, Sandwich terns, Mute swans and others - are already here and have occupied their colonies and nests, some of them are incubating eggs, and for others the first chicks have already hatched. The two pairs of Mute swans, for example, were spotted with eight and five chicks, respectively, which is more successful than last year, when most of their eggs were eaten by predators.
We can note as a success the nesting of Avocets on the island repaired during the volunteer conservation camp, organized within the project "Life for the Pomorie Lagoon". The rise in the water level in the lake, which is due to the disturbed hydrological regime, had led to a shrinking area of ​​the island and flooding it with water. This, combined with climatic factors, has led to a deterioration in its condition and a reduction in the number of nesting pairs of Avocets. We are pleased to note that thanks to the efforts of Green Balkans volunteers and the project team, more breeding pairs of this species have been observed this year - 93 pairs have been registered so far and better part of these are on the renovated island.

The island is also important for another emblematic species of the lake - the Sandwich tern. The noisy colony of this beautiful species is already on the island, increasing with each passing day. The birds are taking their places in the colony, courting, and some of them are already laying their eggs. The first Common terns are also arriving, and take their places in the colony, which will complement the noisy company of the Pomorie Lagoon.

The already finished nests of Black-winged stilts on the shores of the lake can also be seen. These long-legged birds and their "craters" of mud and algae are some of the most vulnerable birds from attacks by stray dogs, cats, jackals and other predators. Unscrupulous visitors are also a danger to them, as walking along the shore can endanger their nests or chicks.
May 03, 2022
Life for the Pomorie Lagoon at the 4th Adriatic Flyway Conference
The 4th Adriatic Flyway Conference was held from 25 to 29 of April 2022 in Zadar, Croatia. The event brought together conservationists from across Europe - 73 participants who exchanged ideas, presented data, discussed threats and solutions. Among the participants was a team from Green Balkans, which presented the project LIFE19 NAT/BG/000804 Life for the Pomorie Lagoon and its work for the protection of the site. 
Mar 29, 2022
Spring at Pomorie Lagoon
The long-awaited astronomical spring came on March 20 this year. However, the spring in the Pomorie Lagoon coincided with the meteorological one and began in full force on March 25, when the first spring migrants began to arrive. 
Mar 14, 2022
Albanian group visited Pomorie Lake
On March 11, 2022, a group from the Albanian organization PPNEA - Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania, the Regional Administration of ​​Vlora Protected Area and the Salinas AlbSale visited Pomorie Lake.
Feb. 07, 2022
Field diary from Pomorie Lake
We present you the latest video about Lake Pomorie, created within the project by colleagues from Green Balkans. It is the work of photographer Georgi Stoyanov from Karlovo and presents life in the lake on a sunny afternoon on January 25, 2022.
 Consultative Council
Nov. 19, 2021
The Consultative Council strongly supports the salty future of Pomorie Lake
Today in Pomorie was held the first meeting of the Consultative Council for Pomorie Lake, which included the Mayor of Pomorie, Director of RIEW Burgas, Director of the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry at BAS, representatives of NGOs (Green Balkans, BBF, Citizens for Pomorie, Glarus), Burgas University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov ”, as well as businesses that use products from the lake - M-Pomoriyski Solnitsi EOOD and Azimut 6000.
Nov. 18, 2021
Flamingo near the coast of Pomorie Lake
Thanks to the camera installed by the Green Balkans Federation, as well as the information from the volunteer Lucien Depuydt, a group of flamingos were observed, which are still posing on the southern shore of Lake Pomorie.
the Lake
Nov. 15, 2021
Consultative Council for Pomorie Lake
The Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, together with the Green Balkans, the Pomorie Salinas and the Tour de Valat, have been working for more than a year to protect Pomorie Lake. Our concern for the future of this unique lagoon leads us to establish the Pomorie Lake Consultative council - an informal structure for discussing solutions for sustainable lake management. The main focus will be the relationship between the natural and economic values of Pomorie Lake and the Natura 2000 areas in which it falls.
Sep. 07, 2021
The island of the Sandwich Tern was repaired
Yesterday ended the 26th conservation brigade for Pomorie Lake, organized by the Green Balkans Association. Five working days, 30 volunteers in different age groups, professions, countries and settlements, but united by a common cause - the love of nature, work hard on the shores of the salt lagoon. They devoted time and effort to the conservation of rare species and habitats in Lake Pomorie by repairing the island in front of the Salt Museum, where the colony of Sandwich terns nests.
Calidris tenuirostris
Sep. 07, 2021
A new bird species for Bulgaria was found at Pomorie Lake
An observation of a very rare species not only for Pomorie Lake and Bulgaria but for whole Europe: Great Knot (Calidris tenuirostris) - guest from the Far East of Asia! Many thanks to Nikolai Kolev for the valuable observation - first for Bulgaria - and photographs!
Aug. 25, 2021
Exhibition at Pomorie Lake Visitor Center
In a pleasant ceremony and in the presence of photographers and guests, on August 19 at 19:00 in the Visitor Center "Pomorie Lake Protected Area" was held the final stage of the photo contest "20 years of Pomorie Lake Protected Area".
Sandwich Terns
Jul 26, 2021
The silent lagoon - what threatens the nesting birds in Pomorie Lake
Pomorie Lake is the symbol of the town of Pomorie, and the variety of birds is its greatest wealth, along with the healing mud and sea salt - together forming the inextricably linked components of a complete complex. A total of 57 species of nesting birds have been identified here. Among them are the emblematic for the ldgoon sandwich, common and little terns; avosets, black-winged stilts and dozens of others. The colony of sandwich terns, which nests on the artificial islands built and maintained by the volunteers of the NGO "Green Balkans", already numbers over 1500 pairs and is the largest on the Balkan Peninsula and ranks among the most impressive in Europe.
flamingos in the colony
May 16, 2021
Flamingos in the Sandwich tern's colony
These days, 23 birds of the species Greater flamingo arrived as guests of the Sandwich terns' colony in Pomorie Lake. The birds pleasantly surprised our experts, who regularly monitor the colony. They were observed resting on the island in front of the Salt Museum, which was built with the help of the association's volunteers. Bringing color and beauty, the birds in turn have benefited from the peace and quiet in the lagoon area.

Apr. 24, 2021
Spring in the Lake
Spring came to Pomorie Lake and with it began the interesting observations in this such a valuable salt lagoon. Along with the increased migration of thousands of birds moving north to their nesting habitats, the nesting season in the lake has begun. Courtship behaviour, occupation of territory, brooding behaviour and many songs are the spring picture here.

Oct. 05, 2020
Study visit of Pomorie Lake by Turkish experts
On October 4th, a study visit of Turkish experts to Pomorie Lake took place. The visit was part of the Eagles Beyond Borders project № CB005.2.12.108, funded by the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria - Turkey program and implemented by Reconstruction and Development Union - Haskovo and Association of Back to Nature – Turkey. The aim of study visit was to acquaint representatives of the Turkish institutions and NGOs with the protected areas in NATURA 2000 and the Bulgarian experience in protecting the Imperial Eagle and biodiversity in general.
Oct. 01, 2020
Flamingos in Pomorie Lake
The ornithological monitoring of Pomorie Lake this year is carried out within the project "Protection of the coastal lagoon Pomorie Lake". The first autumn visit of the lagoon was held in late September. The Green Balkans’ team made a full cover of the sand spit, the lake, the salt pans and the pools located on the western side of the road Pomorie - Aheloy.