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Green Balkans NGO

Green Balkans NGO (GB) is one of the largest and oldest environmental NGOs in Bulgaria established in 1988. Our mission is preserving the nature of Bulgaria and the Balkan peninsula and our main fields of activities are biodiversity conservation, habitat restoration, sustainable natural resource management, improvement of nature conservation policy and legislation, environmental education. Conservation of rare bird species is the priority of our work. For more than 30 years’ existence, the NGO, supported by its partners, members and donors, such as the USAID, GEF, REC, UNDP, EURONATUR, EU OPE has implemented more than 110 nature conservation projects.
GB has proven experience in wetland restoration and management in Bulgaria. The NGO has been running a long-term conservation program for the Pomorie Lake since 1996. Diverse measures for conservation of bird species, restoration of habitat and hydrological regime, the establishment of a visitor centre, cleaning the illegally dumped domestic and construction waste and raising public awareness for the site have been implemented through these years. One of the most successful activity was the restoration of habitats of rare and protected colonially breeding waterfowl species (Sandwich, Common and Little terns, Avocets, Black-winged stilts, Kentish plovers)  resulting in stabilising their breeding populations in Pomorie Lake. In the period 2008-2010, an Integrated management plan for Pomorie Lake (national protected area, SCI&SPA, Ramsar site) was drafted and submitted in 2014. It is not approved by the competent authority-MoEW, yet.
The GB has been involved as an associated beneficiary in the project  MC SALT LIFE10/NAT/IT/256, dealing with conservation and maintaining of FCS of birds and habitats In nine Natura 2000 sites (all of them hosting salt work), situated in Italy, France and Bulgaria. GB is a coordinating beneficiary in the project ‘Natura 2000 in Bulgaria -New Horizons’ LIFE17 GIE/BG/371.

Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF)

Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) is a Bulgarian non-governmental non-profit organization established in 1997 as the successor of the established in 1994 Bulgarian - Swiss Biodiversity Conservation Programme. For more than 20 years BBF has been working to conserve biodiversity in Bulgaria and neighboring countries, to support the participation of citizens and local communities in managing natural resources and protected areas and to raise public awareness on the issues of biodiversity and nature protection. BBF's mission is to bring together people with different perceptions for the preservation of Bulgarian nature.
Individually and in partnerships, BBF has developed 15 Management Plans for protected areas, 15 Action Plans for endangered species from the IUCN Red List, prepared the documentation for declaring three Nature Parks, 11 protected sites and three new Ramsar sites.
BBF‘s main operational areas are Protected areas and NATURA 2000, Green Belt and Biosphere reserves, Endangered Species, Sustainable tourism, Environmental Educational, Public campaigns and coalitions. BBF gained substantial experience in project management and mediation.
BBF is a member of IUCN, CEEweb, European Green Belt Association, Bulgarian Donor’s Forum, Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism and ForTheNature in Bulgaria Coalition and a wide range of different international partners.
BBF participated as an associated partner in LIFE for Burgas Lakes project/ LlFE08/NAT/BG/277. The successful completion of the Salt of LIFE project/LIFE11NAT/BG/362 led to its continuation in the ongoing Lagoon of LIFE/ LIFE17 NAT/BG/558. BBF has good cooperation with the biggest salt-work company - Black Sea Salinas Ltd. and good relationships with the local and national institutions, organisations and media.

Tour du Valat, France

Tour du Valat is a research centre for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands recognized as a public-benefit foundation since 1974. It is located in the Camargue and was founded by Luc Hoffmann in 1954. Its general mission is to contribute to halt and reverse the destruction and degradation of Mediterranean wetlands and their natural resources and promote their wise use. Tour du Valat comprises over 60 employees. It is developing research and integrated management programs that encourage exchanges between wetlands users and researchers. Activities include:
research on vertebrates, invertebrates and plants biology and ecology,
  • research on geomatics (landscape dynamic) and hydrology,
  • wetlands management and restoration and management plans preparation,
  • long-term monitoring,
  • development of an Observatory of Mediterranean Wetlands.
TdV provides support for drawing up public policies and for monitoring their implementation. Through the MedWet initiative, TdV has been involved in the concrete application of the principles of the Ramsar Convention in the Mediterranean. TdV also holds an estate extending over 2600 hectares including a wide range of the typical natural habitats of the Camargue, of which 1844 ha have been classified in Regional Nature Reserve.\
TdV has a special interest in lagoons and salt pans management and restoration. Back in the 70’s, it was involved in partnership with Groupe Salins in the construction of a nesting islet for greater flamingos in the Camargue salt pans. This islet remains nowadays the only breeding location of flamingos in France. TdV is conducting long-term monitoring of the greater flamingos populations in the Camargue and elsewhere (in partnership) in the Mediterranean and West Africa.  Tour du Valat was co-author of the management plan prepared for Anciens Salins d’Hyères (Var department, France).:

М-Pomoriyski solnitsi EOOD

М-Pomoriyski solnitsi EOOD was formed in 1999 when part of state-owned Chernomorski solnitsi EAD company was spinned off. In 2004 the state company was privatized and Pomoriyski solnitsi EAD was acquired by Soldex EOOD that has become 100% owner of the capital. Group of companies includes Soldex EOOD and subsidiary M-Pomoriiyski solnitsi EAD.
Soldex EOOD was established in 2004 with main activities in hotels and restaurants on one hand and on the other through acquisition of 100% of shares of M-Pomoriyski solnitsi EAD in 2004 the company indirectly invested into the sea salt market.
The main activities of M-Pomoriyski solnitsi EAD are the production of sea salt through evaporation. Production is made at Pomorie Lake but as the company has not got its own processing facility the produced sea salt is used for deicing of roads and as a raw product. The main product offered on the market is salt - sea crystal technical and bulk. The company also provides services related to sea salt harvesting - collection and cleaning of sea salt; repair of dikes; development of sea salt harvesting and processing machines. The company has long experience in sea salt production and transportation. The parental company has successfully completed a project in the "Innovation and competition" Operative program. The project aimed at the introduction of the mechatronic process and diversification of the main activity. The company developed on its own innovative process that was introduced and being in the form of improved platforms, pump and sieve, separator and intermediate elevator, vertical separator and unloading line transporter.