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This congress was held from 25 to 30 June 2023 at Paphos, Cyprus. There, 85 dragonfly enthusiasts had the opportunity to discover the LIFE+ program for Pomorie lagoon through a poster presenting the conservation status of the Dark Spreadwing Lestes macrostigma in Bulgaria. 
We were more than happy to share the great news that twelve pairs of Avocet are currently nesting on the new wooden platform created during the last conservation camp in September 2022. In the last few days, several Common terns accompany them. On the other older platforms 19 more Avocet pairs made their nests totalling number to 31 pairs in that part of the lagoon. 
Climate changes are becoming an increasingly important and noticeable part of our lives, and if here in Bulgaria we still do not feel the new challenges with such force and only suffer because there is not enough snow or precipitation, then in the southern and mediterranean countries people more and more "feel the heat" in their lives. Already at the end of April, it is 26 degrees, and the days with a temperature above 40 degrees are constantly increasing, there is a lack of fresh water, in the summer months the rivers almost disappear.
In order to find out what the youth of Pomorie (and not only) think about the lake and its future, and also to draw people's attention to this wonderful place and its care, the Life for Pomorie Lagoon Project is organizing a youth contest.
This year astronomical start of spring coincided with the arrival of the first Avocets in the Pomorie Lagoon. During the regular bird monitoring conducted in the project, on 20 March we observed 15 birds on the islet in front of the Salt Museum that was restored during the conservation camp in September.
We were more than happy to observe a pair of Oystercatchers on the new wooden platform created during the last conservation camp in September 2022. The pair was demonstrating breeding behaviour and defended its ground against attack by a hooded crow. 
fire around the lake
Less than a week after the second Consultative Council for Pomorie Lake was held where we discussed the problems faced by the lagoon, we encountered other violation. Yesterday we conducted our regular bird monitoring and witnessed burnt reed beds in the “Malak geren” area in the western part of the lagoon.

Life for Pomorie lagoon

Pomorie Lake is part of the most important wetland complex along the Bulgarian Black sea coast. It has great EU importance as a rare ecosystem type and as a place where 40% of all European bird
species can be observed. The Lake is protected as SCI and SPA, a national Protected area and a Ramsar site.
The project - goals and activities
The project - goals and activities
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The Natura 2000 zone and zone map
The Natura 2000 zone and zone map
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