Habitats and species


Matrix for monitoring

We present the Matrix for integrated monitoring of natural habitat 1150 * Coastal lagoons in active salinas in the Black Sea biogeographical region, adapted for monitoring the state of the habitat in Lake Pomorie within the project "Conservation of the coastal lagoon Pomorie.
The Matrix in BG 1.97 MB (pdf) Download


The first year of the Life for the Pomorie Lagoon project has passed, during which the Green Balkans team monitored the biodiversity in the complex of protected natural areas to monitor the effect of the project activities. During the monitoring data on the number and seasonal distribution of bird species (mainly waterfowl), the state of habitats and hydrological characteristics of the lake were collected and the effect of the activities carried out within the conservation project was analyzed.

The summarized results show that in one year our team has made over 30 visits to the lake, a total of 119 species of birds have been registered, including two new species for the lagoon - Calidris tenoirostris and Little Bustard. Interesting stories are told by the ringed species that have been observed - Sandwich terns, Common terns, Avocets, etc., some of which were ringed as newly hatched by experts in the Green Balkans more than 10 years ago.

More interesting results and useful data can be read in the study report attached below.
Birds report 2021 3.73 MB (pdf) Download