Conservation camp "Pomorie Lake‘ 2022" has just been completed

Sep. 15, 2022
This year again, more than 20 volunteers came to the lakeshore to help conserve and restore it. The work is not easy, it is often associated with heavy physical labor, heat and sometimes wind and rain. But for lovers of beautiful Bulgarian nature, this is never an obstacle.

Who joined?
It was this love (of nature) that brought together young and old, men and women, with diverse professions, interests and coming here from all over the country, to the shores of the lake. This year again we had international participation - two ladies, from Ukraine and Russia, helped us in taking care of the habitats of the saline lagoon.

What have we achieved?
We managed to fortify the islet in front of the Salt Museum, which has traditionally housed the nesting colony of the lake's flagship species - the Sandwich tern – for more than 20 years. Using buckets and shovels, very hardworking hands, sweat and labor, we carried over five tons of pebbles and sediment from the bottom of the lagoon to fill the elements-eroded shoreline of the islet. The accumulated substrate will raise the level of the island and provide good nesting conditions for the terns again next spring.

Part of the team was entrusted with the construction of a new wooden platform in the western part of the lagoon, which would shelter in the spring nesting Avocets, Terns and others. There have already been three similar platforms built at this site during previous conservation camps, and the regular monitoring of the avifauna which our team conducts shows that they are extremely fit for this purpose.

Just work or is there fun too?
Of course, in such a company, work is also fun. However, we always include in the program educational presentations, birdwatching or hydro-monitoring. And sometimes free afternoons are just free afternoons - with beach, sea and frappe.

Thanks to all participants for their presence! Our nature needs people like you, and we all need nature. See you soon!