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Spring arrived at Pomorie Lagoon with first Avocets

This year astronomical start of spring coincided with the arrival of the first Avocets in the Pomorie Lagoon. During the regular bird monitoring conducted in the project, on 20 March we observed 15 birds on the islet in front of the Salt Museum that was restored during the conservation camp in September.

In total, about 30 Avocets were recorded in the lagoon. We recall that the Avocet is one of the flagship species for the saline lagoons due to its specific ecological needs and tight relation to saline wetlands where it finds preferred food consisting of diverse invertebrates. Pomorie Lagoon is the second most important site for the nesting of the species in Bulgaria, which is protected by national and international conservation legislation but unfortunately, like most of the other shorebirds is sustaining the global decline of population exactly due to habitat loss.