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Improving the nesting conditions of waterfowl in the Pomorie Lagoon

During the conservation brigade conducted late last summer volunteers and employees of the Green Balkans NGO worked on the restoration of islets and platforms, which are the main nesting habitats of birds in the lake. Thanks to these efforts, this year we have significantly improved the conditions in the protected area. The artificial island, which houses the colony of Sandwich terns, and which was renovated as part of a conservation brigade, is home to more than 1,400 couples this summer, who are already hatching their chicks. This is an increase of 50% over last year.

Another improvement that our team is noticing is an increase in the number of Avosets' nests in the lagoon. This species is extremely attached to salt lagoons and sensitive to changes in environmental conditions, and in recent years there has been a significant decrasing of its population in Pomorie Lake. We were happy to see a recovery in the number of nesting pairs, which this year were over 90 compared to only 36 reported in 2021.

The conservation brigade on Pomorie Lake will be held again this year in the first week of September. And our team continues to work to protect one of the few remaining natural oases along our coast.