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Pomorie Lagoon’s winter tale

Winter is already gaining strength, and Lake Pomorie shelters an increasing number of wintering species. During the last monitoring conducted by our experts, an active migration from the north was registered, despite the relatively mild weather in recent days. Falling temperatures, shorter days and heavy snowfalls in the northern parts of the continent cause thousands of birds to make a long and exhausting journey south to places like Pomorie Lake, where they find food, peace and rest.

Among the more interesting sightings was the migration of Common shelducks and the presence of thousands of individuals of the species in the lake, their plumage glistening in its waters like Christmas decoration. In addition to the beautiful view, they also represent a record number of species for the lake - 3057 individuals. The Winter's Tale was complemented by other visitors from the far north, such as  Eurasian curlew, Red-breasted merganser, Red-crested pochard, a flock of Avocets and numerous plovers. All this happened during an active flight of birds of prey to the south, also seeking shelter from the harsh winter conditions in the north.

Life for the Pomorie Lagoon project team continues to take care of this priceless place for the birds and nature.