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International Life Platform Meeting for innovative approaches to coastal wetlands conservation

On October 12 and 13, 2022, an International LIFE Platform Meeting for innovative approaches to coastal wetlands conservation was held in Burgas. The event was performed in a hybrid format and brought together experts from all over Europe. The meeting was hosted by the Lagoon of LIFE LIFE17 NAT/BG/000558 project, which is focused on maintaining the human-lake symbiosis in Atanasovsko Lake for the benefit of species and habitats of European importance.

Among the participants was also a Green Balkans’ team, which presented the current project LIFE19 NAT/BG/000804, Life for Pomorie Lagoon, and over 25 years of work of the association for the protection of the wetland. In line with the theme of Panel Session 1: Coastal Wetland Management and Intersectoral Cooperation, the focus of the presentation was partnerships and collaborations over the years, as well as problems related to the protection of the Pomorie Lagoon caused by a lack of intersectoral cooperation by the responsible institutions. The result of the latter is the disturbed hydrological regime during the construction of the Pomorie bypass road and the subsequent stoppage of work by the oldest saltworks in Bulgaria.

Pomorie Lake was also presented in Panel session 3: The Socio-Economic Value of Coastal Wetlands within the presentation of Stanimira Deleva from the BBF focused on responsible outdoor activities in the Burgas wetlands. Unfortunately, the Pomorie Lagoon was mentioned with another long-term problem, namely the violations of the regime of the protected area by practising water sports (kite and windsurfing). The experience was exchanged with colleagues from Montenegro, Italy, France and Greece, where various actions have been taken to protect coastal wetlands.

After the meeting, Pomorie Lake was visited by a representative of the LIFE17 NAT/FR/000519 LIFE SALINA project, which protects saltpans and coastal lagoons along the French Atlantic coast in the Loire Valley. Among the species targeted for conservation of the project is the Avocet, the Common tern, as well as the damselfly species, Dark spreadwing (Lestes macrostigma), which also target species in the Life for Pomorie Lagoon project.