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fire around the lake

Fire in Pomorie Lagoon!

Less than a week after the second Consultative Council for Pomorie Lake was held where we discussed the problems faced by the lagoon, we encountered other violation. Yesterday we conducted our regular bird monitoring and witnessed burnt reed beds in the “Malak geren” area in the western part of the lagoon.

The area is part of the habitats of the threat
ened Dark Spreadwing damselfly (Lestes macrostigma). Estimated total burnt area is approx. 3 ha and was adjacent to the agricultural lands that are mainly vineyards. More interestingly, the burnt reeds and vegetation are along the drainage canal that is on the periphery of the agricultural lands next to the lagoon. This drainage canal is part of the technical design for leading the waters of Pazarioglu River to the Black Sea across the Pomorie Lagoon proposed by Pomorie Municipality. The fact that drainage canal is completely dry  right now while at the same time the inflow of the river in the lagoon is in full stream raises serious doubts about feasibility of the proposed design and whether that will solve the persisting problem.