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Натура ден

Sunny weather and many birds for Natura 2000 Day in Pomorie

The good weather and the opportunity for close meetings with the birds of Pomorie Lake gathered in front of the Visitor Center more than 60 people - adults, families with children, and tourists. Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and Green Balkans with the assistance of the Municipality of Pomorie organized a special celebration on the shores of the lagoon on May 21, when all of Europe celebrates Natura 2000 Day. This year May 21 marks 30 years since the establishment of the Natura 2000 ”in the European Union - one of the most successful instruments for preserving Europe's rich natural heritage, as well as 30 years of the LIFE Program # LIFEis30.
A few days earlier, at a ceremony in Brussels, colleagues from the Green Balkans won the European Natura 2000 award in the Communication category for their information project "Natura 2000 in Bulgaria: New Horizons", implemented in partnership with Darik Radio, Dnevnik, Capital and Hobby TV. This large-scale information campaign, funded by the EU's LIFE program, seeks to raise awareness of the Natura 2000 network in Bulgaria by using leading species and habitats.
The event in Pomorie was part of the national tour for Natura 2000 Day of the New Horizons project, and the previous day the exhibitions and games were in the Sea Garden of Burgas during the Carnival of Biodiversity, organized by another LIFE project "Lagoon of Life".
Young and old had fun solving a puzzle and learning many new facts about the maned tern, as well as seeing the colony on the loose island just opposite the Center, seeing love games and feeding. The Avocets were more advanced in breeding and meeting their chicks - small grey, fluffy balls were a real pleasure, especially for children. The Black-winged Stilt were literally walking in front of the visitors, together with a pair of Mallard, Shell Ducks and others. The stakes were adorned with Pigmy and Great cormorants, Common and Sandvich Terns which allow the project manager to give a lesson in bird recognition. There were many prizes for the participants and a great mood on a warm day in May.
We thank the team of Pomorie Lake Visitor Center, which hosted the event and disseminated information among Pomorie residents. We hope that there will be a strong tourist season and many visitors.