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Avocets are nesting on the new wooden platform

We were more than happy to share the great news that twelve pairs of Avocet are currently nesting on the new wooden platform created during the last conservation camp in September 2022. In the last few days several Common terns accompany them. On the other older platforms 19 more Avocet pairs made their nests totaling number to 31 pairs in that part of the lagoon. Museum saltpans and the restored islet in front of the Salt Museum were already hosting other 33 Avocet pairs. Estimated breeding population in the lagoon in the current year is for 70-80 pairs. Just like other ground-nesting species they are highly vulnerable to terrestrial predators like fox, jackal and stray dogs. Pomorie Lagoon is the second most important site for the nesting of the species in Bulgaria, that is protected by national and international conservation legislation but unfortunately like most of other shorebirds is sustaining global decline of population exactly due to habitat loss.