The birds of Pomorie Lake in July - the first signs of the autumn migration are visible

Jul 11, 2022
Our team continues regular monitoring of the birds and the ecosystem of the Pomorie Lagoon. The monitoring is within the framework of the "Life for the Pomorie Lagoon" project.

During the monitoring, we had the pleasure to observe the chicks of the Sandwich terns in the colony on the artificial island built by volunteers of the Association. The chicks are already in the phase of their first feathers, actively fed and cared for by their parents, and very soon they will make their first flight. In a slightly earlier stage of their development are the juveniles of the Common terns, whose colony for another year is located on the islet in the salt pan in front of the Salt Museum.

Our experts also noticed the first signs of the approaching autumn migration of birds. Individuals of migratory species that have already finished nesting have begun their movement south and form aggregations in places such as Pomorie Lake, which are key for finding food and shelter during the delicate migration period. These species are Shorebirds - waders, sandpipers, plovers, gulls, etc. And quite in the order of things, at the end of the month, we will already have a mass movement of birds to the south and a gathering on the shores of the lake. A process that reaches its maximum at the end of August every year.

The project team continues to work for the protection and restoration of the Pomorie Lagoon and its inhabitants.