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The island of the Sandwich Tern was repaired

Yesterday ended the 26th conservation brigade for Pomorie Lake, organized by the Green Balkans Association. Five working days, 30 volunteers in different age groups, professions, countries and settlements, but united by a common cause - the love of nature, work hard on the shores of the salt lagoon. They devoted time and effort to the conservation of rare species and habitats in Lake Pomorie by repairing the island in front of the Salt Museum, where the colony of Sandwich terns nests.

The wooden part of the island was strengthened with an additional 150 pegs, which will protect from the influence of the waves. With buckets and shovels lined up in a live chain and loaded with great enthusiasm, for five days the volunteers carried substrate from the bottom of the lake (mainly mussel shells and sand) and significantly increased the area of ​​the island, which had been severely damaged in the last winter. lake water level.

The island was originally built with the help and efforts of Green Balkans volunteers, which helped return the maned tern as a nesting species in the lake, and its colony is now the largest on the Balkan Peninsula.

To relax from the hard work for the volunteers were organized various events such as a tour of the lake and observation of interesting bird species, presentations on the conservation of species and habitats in Bulgaria, which work "Green Balkans" and other organizations, screening of the thematic film "Lagoon of white birds ”(you can see the film here Various LIFE projects were presented, which are currently being implemented by Green Balkans and the BSE. One of the volunteers organized a kind of competition for the most successful coverage of the team through social networks.

But perhaps the most valuable was the contact between like-minded people, meeting new people, exchanging ideas and experiences. And the memories of the days spent in the company of people devoted to nature, charge us to the next team and give us hope that our efforts are not in vain.

We thank all the participants in Pomorie Lake ‘2021 - thank you for your efforts and time and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

The Pomorie Lake 2021 Nature Protection Brigade was organized by Green Balkans as part of the Life for the Pomorie Lagoon project (LIFE19 NAT / BG / 000804), co-financed by the EC LIFE program.
More about the project at, as well as on the Facebook page Life for the Pomorie Lagoon.