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 Consultative Council

The Consultative Council strongly supports the salty future of Pomorie Lake

Today in Pomorie was held the first meeting of the Consultative Council for Pomorie Lake, which included the Mayor of Pomorie, Director of RIEW Burgas, Director of the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry at BAS, representatives of NGOs (Green Balkans, BBF, Citizens for Pomorie, Glarus), Burgas University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov ”, as well as businesses that use products from the lake - M-Pomoriyski Solnitsi EOOD and Azimut 6000.

As the mayor of Pomorie emphasized, the lake is important not only for the town but also for the country, because it provides livelihood, salt, lye, mud therapy. But today it is very important for the state to intervene in order to solve the most pressing problems related to the removal of freshwater from the lake and the case of the Pomorie Lake - Black Sea canal. Unfortunately, the Burgas District Administration could not join the meeting but later stated its readiness to cooperate and help solve the problems.
Ensuring the removal of freshwater from Lake Pomorie is the most important problem that must be urgently addressed if we want to extract salt from here, the mud to retain its healing properties and Pomorie to continue to be a SPA resort of national importance. "Pomorie Lake will die! It should not be freshwater" said Assoc. Prof. Tepavicharova from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, which regularly monitors its waters. In recent years, salt production has dropped dramatically (from 12,000 to 4,000 tons), and in 2021 not a ton of salt was extracted due to low profitability.
The participants highlighted the need to create a platform for communication between stakeholders, through which to propose solutions for the lake outside the Council meetings and which can be used by citizens.
The Consultative Council is an informal structure, but all those invited have expressed their desire to participate in its meetings once a year and, if necessary, to convene additional ones. Its composition is open to additional members who will discuss and make recommendations to improve conditions and increase the benefits of the lake for local people and the public.

Detailed material for the Consultative Council can be found in the Partners section.
The Consultative Council is organized by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) within the project "Life for the Pomorie Lagoon" (LIFE19 NAT / BG / 000804), co-financed by the EU LIFE programme. More about the project at, as well as on the Facebook page Life for the Pomorie Lagoon.