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Pomorie lake

Fresh or salty if the future of Pomorie lagoon?

A special animation was created by the team of the project "Life for the Pomorie Lagoon" to provoke the interest of local people in the problems of Pomorie Lake and to make them think about its future.

To celebrate WWD 2022, BBF developed a short animation for the Ramsar site Pomorie Wetland Complex (Pomorie Lake, Pomoriysko Ezero) following the general theme “Wetlands Action for People & Nature”.

Pomorie Lake is one of the most important wetlands along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It has great EU importance as a rare ecosystem type and as a place where 40% of all European bird species can be observed. The extraction of sea salt in Pomorie Lake has been practised for millennia and the town Pomorie has gradually developed into a spa and health resort, thanks to the healing properties of the mud extracted from Pomorie Lake and lye - subproduct of sea salt production.

But in 2021, the active salinas stopped producing sea salt. The average salinity of water measured in the lake in March 2021 was 13.63‰ while it should be around 30.98‰ for the same month.

The hydrological regime of Pomorie Lake, defined by the inflow of seawater by an artificial open channel connecting the Lake with the Black Sea and intrusion via sand spit, is affected due to the infusion of freshwater into the lake and the destruction of the bypass channels that collect all the surface water.

Together with this the water pollution, reduced salinity of the water and altered feeding base for the nesting birds in the lake are factors that influence the opportunities to maintain salt production. The formation of medicinal mud is closely related to salinity and not guaranteeing stable levels of that will have a major impact on that important economic sector - health and SPA. Traditional fame of Pomorie medicinal mud will be not secured in the future. The citizens of Pomorie have to be alerted about the future of the lake and about the problem it faces with water circulation.
That is why BBF create a short and simple animation to raise the awareness of the general public in Pomorie. The animation is a tool to inform the general people and to initiate their future actions for preserving the Ramsar site Pomorie Lake and its socio-economical values.

The animation was made by Pavilion Studio with the support of MedWet and OCB in the frame of Life for the Pomorie Lagoon project. The music is by Chris Haugen, Natural Light, voiceover by Iva Georgieva, BBF.