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flamingos in the colony

Flamingos in the Sandwich tern's colony

These days, 23 birds of the species Greater flamingo arrived as guests of the Sandwich terns' colony in Pomorie Lake. The birds pleasantly surprised our experts, who regularly monitor the colony. They were observed resting on the island in front of the Salt Museum, which was built with the help of the association's volunteers. Bringing color and beauty, the birds in turn have benefited from the peace and quiet in the lagoon area.

The presence of the species Greater flamingo in Pomorie Lake and Burgas Lakes has long been no surprise. Until 2015, there are single individuals in Bulgaria, most likely accidentally flying from the colonies in Turkey and Greece. Since then, its number has been constantly increasing and in December 2020 the incredible 1290 individuals were registered in Atanasovsko Lake!

The species was first registered on Lake Pomorie in the autumn of 2010, when one individual was observed and since then single birds have been found regularly. But the sharp increase in numbers in 2019, when 233 individuals are registered, is really impressive event for the small Pomorie lagoon.

Against the background of the beautiful view of these beautiful birds in the beautiful lagoon, we urge you to love and protect nature so that we can always share such moments.